I can feel this poem inside of me. Getting heavy as time goes by. What a piece this will be.


A clever title OR An Update Featuring Omissions.

I bought a bike! (Continued) it’s pretty much going to be the best summer vehicle. It’s also unseasonably warm in my unnamed but usually quite snowy town. Friggin 50F degrees! So I’m actually able to ride it around now. Legs of steel! Well more like really really weak steel… but I’m improving.

Hail The Conquering Hero. Or Back In The Game

Hey so I’ve been gone for awhile, but I’m back now.

Life has been actually pretty good, been on my meds for almost 2 months(?) Feeling SO much better, feeling alive again, pretty sweet stuff.

Been writing a lot more poetry, oh and I did that poetry slam, wrote threee pieces for it and came out in secon place, but as the host reminded us so many times, “the point isn’t the point, the point is the poetry”. It’s been really therapeutic. It’s not often i get a microphone and an audience for my thoughts, but oh is it nice.

Got a new piercing, a septum ring. drove up solo today and got it done. It hurt, but not really as bad as I thought. You would not believe the things i went through to get it done today, So! Yesterday I tried to get it done, but first my co-pilot couldn’t come, so i invited someone else, THEN I had to find a car to use, solved with a call to my dad, THEN I wake up to my mom telling me she didn’t want me to go due to icy roads. five minutes later and I have permission. THEN I call the piercing place (foresight for the win!) and was promptly told that THE ONLY PIERCING PERSON ON THE PENINSULA has family problems today and will not be in. Lame right? But it worked out today.

Got to talk to a very good friend of min last night, that was pretty cool. She actually reads this blog so I’ll keep it short. Talking to her is great and I love it. The end.

In other news I’m applying to college monday. Scary stuff man, scary stuff.